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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
Sat nav shits me also, and my grab handle is mangled also!

The wheel bolts doesn't really worry me so far

I had forgotten the absence of a good ol fashion dip stick shits me also. The auto check is handy, but surely they could have installed a manual dipstick also for a peace of mind! This will become an issue in 10 years time when the oil level sensors start to play up...

Oh and a spare wheel also, a can of goo is handy, but no good if you blow out a tyre sidewall on a 30 series profile which will leave the nice 19" rim all mangled if you attempt to continue on with the goo leaking out of a punctured sidewall.
Yeah, the wheel bolts thing just gets to me coming from studs; its much easier to mount the wheel with studs as opposed to trying to line up the holes

+1 on the dipstick!

Oh, and forgot about window tint not sitting properly over the dotted portions. Fussy, I know...