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I have 453s front in 225 and 452 rear 255. Its the first BMW I have had that does not understeer. None, zero in fact it is more like driving a mk2 escort which is weird considering it has an elephant in the front. I had P zeros all round when I bought it and I cant say these are any worse. I also think its one of the worst cars for being hard on the tyres. Incidentally I run nothing like the quoted pressures I check the pressure rise and adjust from there. I run 40 cold front on the Falkens or they feel soft. Its hard sometimes with forums but I do get this sideways at 70mph with the aids off. If a vredestein supastick allows me 72mph Im not sure I could tell without timesheets. Every tyre needs its own pressure on a given day to perform at its best. On my rally car I use a temp probe. I sometimes wonder if people think subjectively one tyre is better than another simply because they arent changing pressures enough. I have an autocar test here with a range of tyres tested from budget to branded. Some gain here and lose there, not one tyre really stood out. I think on wet handling the difference between best and worst was something like 0.4g. So you buy the top tyre that allows 0.93g wet and finds that it stops from 70mph, 1.2m longer in the dry. That is probably not much help but I felt it had to be said. Added up on points the premium brands usually come out top which takes into account wear and resistance etc.