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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
I'm not sure why you think steel will be heavier than plywood. You basically need four cut and formed steel sheets: one to close off the front of the open clip, one to close off the trunk, and two to form interior panels for the sides. I'd cut and form those parts in thin-gauge sheet steel, weld them in, seal the seems with caulk, and then have the interior sprayed with Rhinoliner, or another pickup truck bead liner product. You won't have flat floor, but is that really an issue?

If you use wood, or another product you'll will then have weather issues to deal with. Also, you'll need floor drains to keep the trailer from holdng water if you go without a tonneau cover.
Im not sure why, either, Efthreeoh!...I was thinking of thing gauge steel in the first place....16-18 gauge should do I can weld that stuff with my little mig!....

I will be making a tonneau for it (see my sketch above) and keeping the trunk. That way I can have 2 lockable compartments. I will retain some sort of pass through or removable panel for more room. I also want the hinge area of the trunk panel there for structural rigidity. adds a bit of weight, but not that much.

Floor drains are a good idea...Ill be working that in...Rhino liner is a good one too...I have seen one done with a cut down bedliner that was done well and looked good.

thanks guys!