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Originally Posted by cvc 22349a View Post
Just had a landscaping truck lose a bunch of rocks on the highway that ended up damaging my hood and passenger side fender which need to be repainted My clear bra will also need to be replaced on those panels. Would it make a difference as far as the paint curing if I wait until it gets warmer to have my car repainted? I plan on letting a month pass prior to reinstalling the clear bra.
the last time I spoke to you was over a year ago. Sorry to hear about your car.

Several years ago, I had to respray my hood on my Lexus due to an unfortunate event very similar to yours. The shop that did the job bake the paint in so the curing process was shorter. Generally, they say "no wax and no polish" for 30 days. A good shop will factor in the atmospheric pressure as well as temperature. they will make proper adjustments in their approach at different time of the year. I don't see any difference in getting it done now versus 6 months from now. Besides, it is probably driving you crazy right now having to look at the "Jack-up" front end everyday..... knowing how much you like and enjoy your car. The key is to to find a good paint shop. Good luck with this.

BTW.... do you have any more parts to sell. LOL
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