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Nice looking E90, i'd say keep your car if it's a 6MT if not ditch it for a 6MT 335 but it's your call. I'm actually trying to trade my car in this July for a 6MT 335 if you plan on upgrading i'll see you on the other side.

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the e90 series only year they made the 330 is in 06. with a s54 motor from the e36 m3. of course a couple slight tweeks of the intake manifods. and by rare i mean rare to bmw e90 series not all cars in general. and by worth something i mean it will be harder to find then lets say most e90 series. i dont own a 330 so if dane would like to add some info to your better understanding. thanks
Uhhh, I don't know where you got your source from but the 325, 328, & 330 all have N52 engines except the SULEV ones which have N51 because if the 330 had an S54 all 330's wouldn't have problems adding on superchargers or turbo's and I swear the S54 engine came from the E46 M3.