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First time BMW owners - Are you a fan for life now?

So we all know that a lot of people aspire to owning a BMW. However, I've been curious to see what other first time BMW owners think about their cars as well as the brand / company now that you own one. This is mainly targeted to those that have owned their car for at least a year or two as opposed to those that are probably still in their honeymoon phase. Are you finding it lives up to the hype / reputation? Regret your decision? Are you now a fan for life and intend to keep at least one BMW in your life at all times? I have no intention of starting a flaming / fanboy thread, just looking for some decent, somewhat objective opinions.

Personally, I think I get why some people love BMW but not sure I'm really a fan for life yet. BMW has built a strong brand name and fan base which has also resulted in a bit of snob factor associated with it as well (let's be honest, that is why some people aspire to getting one). The e90 does seem to be a good all around car where it can handle driving fun better than most and still be civilized when you just want to go from point A to B. It is definitely a sports luxury sedan though as opposed to a luxury sports sedan, especially when compared to its competitors. I come from a Jap luxury car environment and I find that their interiors just seem more appropriate for the price tags as opposed to the one in my e90. Just find it kind of bland / sterile even when compared to ones in Benz and Audi. Yes, my e90 is a joy to drive (even though it is only a 328) but makes me wonder if BMW is relying too much on their reputation for "sporty cars" and brand snob factor to sell cars and improve profits while dismissing further improvements they can make in the interior / reliability departments at the cost of said profits.