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Originally Posted by Bimmer Barney View Post
Right. Autozone won't work. Why not just buy a BT Tool? If you don't have a tune it's probably a must have. Then, let the other guy use it and get yourself free in n out

Why do you need to clear a code if you aren't modded? What am I missing?
Because an alternative to the golf tee mod for a 335i is unplugging a power cable in the trunk that supplies power to a vacuum. I read somewhere in there that it throws a code, which would indicate the line had been unplugged. I suppose I could play dumb about it and have it plugged in.

Also, I have had a check engine light on since installing my DCI. I fixed (I think) the issue but the "service engine soon" light is still on. I'm taking it to a the dealer I bought it from to have the back bumper re-painted. They re-painted it and fixed a dent before I bought it and the paint has since come off (whooooole other story). I don't want them seeing the check engine light and finding the intake.