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This guy. pfft.... Are you trying to bait me? As you can see having driven my dad's 530i several times I thought it would be fine to give my overall view of the car from the positives and the negatives.

Have you ever driven a 530i Shane? If not, well then I don't know why you would even quote my overview of the car. Having nearly bought the 545i when it first came out I can attest to how much power it had and I found it to be too much for daily city driving, so why need the E60 M5 with the V10 engine in it. Sounds ridiculous really a V10 engine that does daily city duties??? Where do you use the power? Tell me where you could explore and experiment with the M-Mode?

Even the salesman from BMW said personally he wouldn't go for the E60 M5 based on the above and I'm glad my dad didn't purchase a 545i because the amount of depreciation that has hit that model is hilarious compared to the favourite of the pack the ''530i''.

I guess if I wanted to make the 530i faster I would look at getting a tune lol

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