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Originally Posted by OILPowered View Post
Anyone? Just want to make sure I order the right parts if I decide to pull the trigger. Thanks-
I guess I know what you are going through, since I have been doing the same for a few months now. As I understand it, you are settled on getting a ZSP-feel for your suspension and want to insure it will fit on your D. Afraid I can't help you there because I never considered that as an option.
Everyone's idea of what feels right is different, so giving advice is hazardous. I considered coilovers and also aftermarket springs/dampers, both of which bring satisfaction for many depending on their needs and probably would for me too.
At this point I am settled on the BMW Performance Suspension Kit as my basic upgrade, and I'm not sure but what that might actually be a better approach for you too. I don't think it will over-stiffen your ride. Admittedly I am still agonizing over whether that combination is best for me, and a speed shop I am working with in Philly is actually suggesting something else. But regardless of which way I go personally, based on what you have said it seems that the BMW kit might work. Regardless of whether I go at the end with the BMW kit or the alternative this shop is suggesting for me, I do intend to go beyond that because I want to go beyond where I think you are going. Not with still stiffer springs and dampers, but with other components to stabilize the ride, such as sway bars, M3 components (from their kit), and a limited-slip differential.
However, if you feel that the ZSP is the safer approach for you, like PR said it would be best to consult with somebody like Evan at as to whether it will work for your car.
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