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Originally Posted by briers View Post
You will need to clear the codes before a regen can happen. I think some garages can force it for some cash.

Question is why hasn't it regen, unless its high mileage or low mileage short journeys car. What temps does it achieve?

I replaced both my stats as mine would struggle to achieve 76c in the cold with heaters on. The stats had failed and the new ones sit at 92c every journey within about 10mins.

If yours doesn't achieve at least 78c it will never regen and get clogged.
I recently got alerted through the i-drive of a 'particle fault' and it said to contact BMW. I don't usually drive the car on motorways and certainly haven't done so for a while so I concluded that this was the reason.

Having read on other posts that the regeneration process may not kick in because the fault has been registered, I didn't know what to do. I booked it in at the local BMW garage.

Yesterday, my misses said lets try a motorway run. I was a bit reluctant to do this as i didn't want to damage the dpf and also after reading that the regeneration wont occur because of the fault.

After a good 30 mile round trip keeping the car above 2500 rpm and throwing in a few cheeky overtakes in single lane carriages, the alert/error disappeared! I am now assuming the dpf is clear for now and i don't have to worry about the alert/error coming back for a while.

Is this a safe assumption? or should i still take the car to BMW?