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Originally Posted by E92White View Post
Thanks ! But I actually have the V2's. (I think)
Those should actually be even easier than the V4. The key is to make sure you know where the slots are on the housing so you can line up the 3 tabs on the bulb. I used a dental mirror to check the locations of the slots. The smaller of the three slots is at the 1 o'clock position when looking from the front of the vehicle. The secret is putting the bulb in Heat sink first and then using two fingers on the thin piece which holds the LEDs to lift the bulb up into the hole. If you've positioned the bulb correctly, it will be easier to get the tabs into the correct slots and snug it up.

I know how frustrating it can be, I've done this many times. Once in awhile I need to get the wife to help with her smaller hands!

It's definitely worth the effort once you get them in. I just installed the High Performance Bulb 20W LED bulbs in my E92. Much brighter than H8 and even brighter than the old Weisslicht LEDs I've had in there for the last 2 years!

Good luck!
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