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Originally Posted by Aaron.B View Post
Ok, i know i'll probably get a biased answer anyway, this after all is a BMW forum

Im looking to change my current car for an E92. My current car has treated me well, and anything that has needed repaired on it has been been relatively inexpensive, compared to my previous E90, which needed a 300 traction control module, 600 reconditioned turbo. Also i didnt realise until after i sold it, it was showing early signs of a failing steering column which costs in the region of 1500-2000 to replace.

You'd think that i would be wise not to go back to BMW as ive been bitten before with high repair costs although some could argue that my E90 was a lemon and i'll give the brand the benefit of the doubt.

I just have such a love for the brand, i've always admired their cars and as you can imagine it came as a great disappointment to me that i had problems with mine. The E9X seems like the perfect all rounder car, stylish, fast, fun, safe.

So what do you guys reckon?
If I had those problems in the past I would NOT get another one.