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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
Thats all that car is worth. Nobody wants them. I had my 09 335 e92 for sale for over a year. Wholesale value is $21-22,000. Too many around, reliability issues and BMW keeps offering huge discounts on new ones.
You think? I can see that being the wholesale value on an '07 but on an '09? When I traded in my '07 335i last May, Pfaff initially offered me $17K. I didn't react well to that and we ultimately agreed on $20K. I then saw my car being listed on autotrader for $24.5K so I didn't feel too badly about the trade-in price.

Selling a car privately is a HUGE PIA. I would rather lose a few grand by trading it in then deal with the enormous headache of dealing with tire kickers and deadbeats.
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