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Originally Posted by asus389 View Post
Yeah I tend to agree with OP. I love a lot of things about my car, but I have also had a lot of issues with my car that fall into the category of "just shouldn't happen". Its like they designed some of the parts/systems 90% of the way and then didn't bother to test them.

Also, my current BMW SA is a good guy, but over the years my experience with BMW service departments has been pretty hit or miss. And yeah I know I can go to different dealers and SA's or CA's but I shouldn't have to. A brand like BMW should have a more consistent and better managed service experience.
The trouble is that most of my problems were all documented as regular 335 problems and I think thats just brutal. Basically when you buy the care you know you are going to have HPFP, injectors, wastegate, turbo, hvac fan etc etc. Just hope they all go before warranty is up.

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