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Been a fan since '79 when I bought my first bimmer, and have owned one ever since. Back in those days BMW had virtually no competition for "the ultimate driving machine." In fact in '79 there were fewer BMWs sold in the US than Corvettes. Alas, this is no longer true, and BMW has branched out to building cars that are less for the niche crowd wanting superior handling in a small car and more for the soccer Mom crowd wanting transportation for the kids and dog. We currently have an E93 335i and an Audi S5 (also a Cayman S, but I won't lump that one in here), and I must say that my favorite for most around town driving is the Audi. We bought the bimmer because my wife wanted a convertible, and it's a great car, but the amenities are not up to Audi's, the tranny bogs down, and the ergonomics of the iDrive is nuts. Now maybe my opinion is biased by the fact that the Audi is a manual tranny while the BMW has a slush box (the wife's requirement), and I've also upgraded the suspension on the Audi with coil-overs. But still it remains - BMW is no longer a niche player focused on producing the ultimate driiving machine. And yet ... yes, I'm still a fan.
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