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Originally Posted by 335dFan View Post
I corresponded with Evan at (email as above), and provided him my year, model, VIN. This is what he replied:

"I'd start w/ the BMW Performance suspension we have on special here:

Then, if that doesn't get you to exactly where you want to be, check w/ the guys on the forum to see about retrofitting the M3 components we run on special here:
That's what I would do if I were you and what I proposed earlier. This (Performance) set-up is appreciably stiffer then the base suspension whereas the ZSP although stiffer you might not find the cost/benefit to be worth it. It is a great price too. And since you're in MD you can go pick it up at Tischer in Silver Spring and save on shipping.

PS Evan is the man and very knowledgable, so not only are their prices great, but if you prove to be a good customer (like me ) he's a wealth of information when it comes to all things OEM.

PSS If you need a local shop to install and to the allignment, I recommend GP Auto Group in Rockville. They shoudl be able to do it for $350 installed to include an alignment right after install so you can drive the car, plus a follow up alignment 2 weeks after the install which will allow the suspension to settle - thus throwing off the original alignment specs.

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