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Car Vibrates at High Speeds with Winter Tires

I purchased wheels with winter tires as well as the BMW TPMS sensors. I then went to my local shop to have them balanced and installed. But when I picked up the car and drove it on the highway, the car started to vibrate. I can feel the vibration on the steering wheel and thru the seat. I only feel the vibration at high speeds, around 75-85, not that noticeable at lower speeds.

Someone recommended that I do a road force balance on all four wheels to see if they can figure out the problem.

Just wondering if anyone else had this issue and what they did to resolve it.

P.S. The originall 225/45-17 wheels with run flat tires that came with the car didn't have this problem. It started after I put on the wheels with the winter tires.

2009 BMW 335d
Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25V Winter (Non Run Flat) Tires
Rims are Sport Edition A7, Size: 205/50-17