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Originally Posted by 335alive
there's a Glide in Georgetown too. that is the ONLY drive-through car wash I will EVER take my vehicle through. otherwise, i only go to coin-op pay n' sprays.

i would NEVER take my car through a soft-cloth wash. as has already been mentioned, grit and stuff can stick to those "tentacles" and swirl or even scratch your paint. no thanks.

i've heard rumours that even touch-less washes use a lot of quick-dry chemicals and crap in the water that can also harm your paint, not to mention worries about the tracks and my i'm also apprehensive about those. not to mention i once had my roof spoiler completely detach and blow off the car once i got to the air-driers...had to get the guy to stop the whole machine and run in there to pick up my spoiler off the ground.

this time of year i personally don't see the point in paying $10+ for a drive-thru wash when the car will just be dirty again in 2 days. I go to the coin op, drop in $4 which usually gets me about 5 minutes, and just go around the car as many times as possible with the high pressure rinse. I don't even bother with soap or anything cause the car is probably going to be just as dirty again in 2 days. dry it off, and away I go.
True I like the coin op washes too but can't get like underside washed like I can with the touch less drive in washes.