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Haha thanks and yea I can definitely help you out with the install. I installed mine with betalink because I didn't trust 3M to hold onto the spoiler. Betalink was a nightmare to work with though since it was my first time using it. Got the mirror covers same time from JL and the wheels I ordered through my friend who owns redline motorworks. They're 19" alufgen sf-71 in hyper black

Got any pics of your car? I love to see all the different SGs on here!

Definitely do... it's still in stock mode.. however.. i'm just waiting for spring time to arrive and I've got a few mods to accomplish. lol

I just contacted a few shops.. installing the kidney grilles / reflects costs like $70!! and the spoiler is like $100 just to install.. seriously?? lol

ooo where is your friends shop located?? i'm looking into getting some wheels too

if you can help me with any of the above.. that would be amazing too
Ya no problem. I did the reflectors and grilles myself too and they're really easy to do. Reflectors just need a bit of patience.

Unfortunately my friend has temporarily put his parts business on hold due to other commitments. But maybe this summer he will pick it up again.