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Originally Posted by Kayani_1 View Post
I have to disagree with u GS fsport or not it is never going to be better then a e90 that has no electric steering crap and is a lot lighter then the heavy weight GS......let's keep it in perspective every new owner thinks there new ride is gods gift...........the GS f sport is not even in the same class as 335i in handling, accceleration or steering feel nor driving dynamics due to over weight issues. Please compare apples to apples GS is more of a 5er competitor and not 3. On a track or street the 3er will be leaps and bounds ahead of it. I am sorry but are way off comparing 3er to heavy weight GS.

As far as reliability goes let's not talk Toyota as they have one of the largest recalls on their brand new cars. Compared to anybody else right now
Holy FANBOY! How often do you track your car? Toyotas recall is mostly due to carpets riding over accelerator. Don't even go there....HPFP, wastegate,, turbos, hvac fan, injectors etc etc etc. ALL KNOWN problems, some with recall and others with extended warranty.