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So I am looking for some additional product information from Berger Motorsport so i go ahead and contact Terry with the per-sale and support team. This is what I get for a response, please see the email chain below...


I am interested in purchasing the item below for my 2010 335xi with AR down pipes. I do have some questions through; How does this mesh with a COBB tune? Also what other thing should I be aware of with downpipes regarding to timing? This product says it helps with those problems, can you expand on this? Thanks.


There isn't any addl info we can offer you on the product. Sorry,

How is it that you can’t expand on what you are advertising? Are you not qualified to answer any product questions? Your email provided on the site indicates “pre-sale support”. Can you forward me on to someone that will be able to answer my questions? Thanks.

This product is for dedicated race cars or those used outside the USA only. There is no additional pre-sale support for it and it sounds like it's not for you.

Thank you for your lack of professionalism, I will be sure to share this with members of the BMW forums.

The product is not available for street cars. It's a product for race teams only and cars sold outside the USA. It's not meant for continuous use, etc. It seems every few days we get someone emailing in asking how they can use this product to cheat a smog test and frankly we're close to just removing the product from the market as we don't want those headaches. So, it's not that we don't want to help you, but its likely we will stop selling this product all together shortly.


Are you kidding me! How is it that you talk to a perspective customer in such a rude manner. Clearly it is his job to help with product questions and it is clear that Terry could care less. Just wanted to share this with everyone and hear your thoughts.