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I love my e90 335i, the steering and just the power and even the interior feels very good.
Now I had a F30 328i for a week and the styling outside is pretty good, but inside it feld CHEAP. I don't know if the interior comes in different styles/material used but the fake aluminum thing in the middle was cheap plastic and reminded me of a lexus or toyota etc. The screen is nice yes, but my e90's aluminum trim is soooo much nicer.
The steering felt way to LIGHT, even my mom's 2012 e350 has a better steering feel!!! Can you imagine?
I also had the x3 28i for a few days and i did not care for it at all, interior is supposed to be nice but when you knock and feel the materials inside you notice the cheap materials. The x3 28i went to 130MPH though but did not feel as planted and calm as the previous x3 did (used to have a 2005 x3).
Really disappointed by the cheap plastic trim and steering feel. The 28i is pretty fast though for a base model, gotta give them some credit....