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You can find out from the last 7 digits of the VIN WBAKF5C50BE587086 from BMW-NA or a dealership..

Looks a lot like my Monaco Blue but it's impossible to tell from pics.

The 328i is the base engine option and it's a volume model, so it's quite reliable and well designed, and has fewer parts that can fail, than a 335i. You do need to however stay on top of the maintenance to get a reliable driving experience. Do all the prescribed maintenance and then some (you can get all the info by browsing the forum). Nothing expensive, especially if you are handy with a wrench. The AWD is a good feature to have but it's added weight and complexity.

Be sure to get both Carfax and Experian, and have the seller provide you a copy of the BMW service record which will show you all the options on the car, and all the work ever done on it.

I don't know that CPO adds any tangible value to the car for the additional price you pay for it over a regular used car in the same condition, but it does extend the warranty out a couple years and more miles, and gives you more peace of mind. It's usually not on my shopping list, but YMMV.

Other than that, it's a great car to own and drive, and welcome to the club!