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Originally Posted by Triggster View Post
I know you have said here about splitting e90 headlights but do you think it would be possible to actually add the rings to a pre-lci headlight?

Nice work as well although surely you will get pulled for the red tint sooner or later as it looks like a rear brake light?
G10 is being kind enough to send me an e90 light to have a closer look at before I make any promises. So keep your eyes peeled on updates for e90 lights. It is definitely possible to add led rings to them, it is only the opening of the lights which I want to look at.

In regards to the red light, I did this to mess around. I WILL NOT BE OFFERING THIS OPTION, because It has not been tested for longevity.
They look fairly bright close up but from any sort of distance, the red light is drowned out by the bright white LEDs. So it is something you would only notice if you were walking by them at a car show... When I put my low beam on, you can not see the red light one bit.

@Mega a pm should be with you shortly.