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TPMS Malfunction after tire repair ?!??!

I have a 2009 335i coupe. never had a TPMS problem.

My front driver tire went flat and TPMS reported properly. I mounted a spare tire (5 series) and the TPMS still tells me the front tire is low air and threw the stock tire in the trunk.

The shop repaired the tire and mount it back on for me. The I-drive CIC now tells me "TPMS Malfunction".

I can not reset it because the reset function is grayed out. I tried everything.

Then, I drove off and then about 2 minutes later, the TPMS malfunction went away and this time I was allowed to reset the TPMS by coming to a full stop.

So does anyone know why there was a glitch like this?

I remember when I had brand new tires installed, that the TPMS never malfunctioned like this.