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Marathon Coding Session

Ran my first marathon today - but it was an E91 Coding Marathon spent parked in my driveway, sitting in my driver's seat with a laptop. This was my first coding attempt since finally getting a cable that worked. Every time I clicked "Execute Job," I held my breath... but everything went well.

MIRROR FOLD VIA FOB LOCK/UNLOCK didn't work. I will try that again next time. Tried CAS > KOMFORTSCHLIESSUNG_FB > aktiv + NFRM > SPIEGEL_KOMFORT_EINKLAPP > nicht_aktiv [but it already WAS nicht aktiv??]

And AE "full bright / full time" didn't seem to make any difference, but I read someone said it doesn't work on a pre-LCI anyway. I also don't seem to have an "LMA" module and no module that I DO have, includes the entry "PWM_AN_SL_V_AL_1_34" to try that either.

On my 2008 pre-LCI E91 I successfully coded the following today:
(one at a time... over a period of a couple hours, including backing up EVERY module I have)
  • Digital Speed (KOMBI > BC_DIGITAL_V > aktiv)
  • Driver Seatbelt Gong Disable (ABG > SBR_FAHRER_1 > nicht_aktiv)
  • Passenger Seatbelt Gong Disable (ABG > SBR_BEIFAHRER_2_CD > nicht_aktiv)
  • Unlock doors on key eject/power off (CAS > ER_KEYOUT_AUTOVR > aktiv + CAS > KOMFORT_EJECT > aktiv) [note: I have CA]
  • AE as DRL (NFRM > VERHALTEN_DRL_TFL > drl_s)
  • AE full bright full time (didn't work) tried: (NFRM > PWM_RL_BL_1_FKT_BL >wert_01 + wert_01)
  • Correct digital speedo (made no difference) (KOMBI > BC_V_KORREKTUR > nicht_aktiv)
  • Fogs allowed with High Beams (NFRM > FL_UND_NSW_NICHT_GLEICHZ > nicht_aktiv) [note: Fogs w flash is seperate, and I left mine unchanged]
  • Fogs with Welcome + Fade (NFRM > WL_NSW > soft_einschalten)
  • Wipers finish their job (2JBBF > ZYCLUS_VOLLEND_KLR_AUS > aktiv)

Kudos to e90post/coding forum, Junior's NCS DIY which helped me through the first one, and "bmw coding dot com" (user: morello... or something I think, sorry) for their lists and posted tips I also referred to. I think I've got it now, and I'm hooked, hungry for more! Next thing to learn is VO coding.

Pleased with the results.