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Just saw this thread, yup I just started CrossFit in September and you can really see improvements in your times. I really appreciate the "personal training" aspect of crossfit, where you basically get instruction every class, rather than going to a gym on your own.

I'm also really big into the culture of CrossFit, where everyone is willing to help you out and encourage you to do great things.

Favorite new things:

Handstand Pushups
Turkish Get-Up - Bar Bell
Weight Lifting - I didn't think I would be into this, but I am.
Fran - My time is 10:48
Still working on unassisted pullups... I weigh 236lbs...

Yup, 5 months in and I'm totally drinking the CrossFit Kool-aid.

This is one of my favorite crossfit youtube videos.

CrossFit Currie Barracks in Calgary, AB is a great place.

What is your Fran time?
What is your favorite exercise?
What is your least favorite exercise?