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Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
To all the idiot drivers of the 335I thanks for all your accidents and we know who you are all since you all post your bad behavior on the forum here.

I got my insurance bill for the 07 335I and it went up for the first time since getting the car. I call my insurance company and guess what now with 6 yrs of data on the car they found that it is costing more to cover all the damage from all the accidents the 335I drivers are in. It is not much of an increase, about $100 for the year but I usually see about $20 or so decrease ever yr as the car ages. I am back paying what I was paying when I got the car new.

Oh my other cars went down the 335I was only increase. If you have State Farm i would expect your 2013 bill will see an increase since they now combined their database and can see how bad 335I drivers really are.