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To answer the OP's question, probably yes, fan for life. Liked them before I could drive, once I could, my friend's dad let us drive his various BMWs MBs etc. when we were old enough. I plan on keeping my 335i indefinitely. It has an extended warranty, but say it broke and needed a 5k repair. Does anybody in their right mind think that it's cheaper to get a new BMW when that happens? A new 328i sedan is 47k, and it's 4 cyl. You bet I'd repair a N54.

Will I ever buy another new one? Most likely not. The prices today don't offer any value. And every car has gone downhill as the new model came out, 7, then 5, and now 3. But that would not stop me from being a fan and rooting for them to come out with something better 8 yrs. from now when the next generation is released. If all goes well, I'll still have my 335i and also a new Porsche by then. I'm starting to doubt it will be a Carerra 4S due to the way the economy is going. But I don't see why it couldn't be a Boxster S.