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HA! if it was UC PD I bet I know who it is lol.

I worked at the hospital as well. One time in the middle of the night, like 3am, I went to my old 550 in the employee parking lot during lunch and saw him sitting at the end of the row. When I turned the car on he raced down just to block me in and turned his lights on. He starts his rant by saying I have ruined my BMW and that if he wanted to, he could give me a ticket for an exhaust and tint. I told him the exhaust is only axle back, made in CA, and completely legal. He goes on and on saying in CA only stock exhausts are legal but he'll do me a favor and let it go cause I work there...blah blah blah. At this point I knew he was full of shit so I just went along with his BS, made him feel like he was the shit and eventually just drove off.

I've had other experience with the UCPD and most of them are super cool, its just a couple of them that take their job WAAAAAY too seriously. They live to give a hard time to good people minding there business because frankly, that's the most action they get. UCLA is pretty slow in terms of police work, I guess they get bored...

If I were you, I would want to fight it as well, but you have to consider what you plan to get out of it and weigh your options. Is paying the fine and doing traffic school going to be cheaper and faster than fighting it. Probably, but if your looking to fight the good fight then I'm totally with you. This guy has probably done this before to someone else, and if we all just keep paying then he will never stop. I mean why was he following you in the first place, even he will have to admit that you didnt do anything "illegal" until after he started following you. Just like he waited next to my car until I turned it on to block me in and bitch about my exhaust...

Anyway, I know how you feel. Good luck!!