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Originally Posted by Pankakez & BMWs View Post
Im not worried about over-reving the engine. I know it redlines at 7k no matter if u had no gauge cluster. Im interested in maintaining a proper look. If ur car redlines at 7k and u have a cluster that reads to 8k, I dont think its clean.

The M3 cluster reads to 8K rpm.

The 335i stock cluster reads only to 7k rpm.

The X5M cluster reads to 7k rpm.

Anyone in california able to code something like this and change the pins? I think I can find an M5 cluster at a junkyard hook-up.

Thanks for the help guys
I don't think you understand what I was talking about.

the redline "indicator" on the M3 tach MOVES. the actual RED line will be at 7k for our cars. Go look up youtube videos of the e9x M3 tach or even better, go sit in one. on cold start up, the ACTUAL RED line/indicator/bar/whateveryouwanttocallit is at like 5500 or something and as the engine warms up it will move higher and higher. on our cars, it'll do the same, but just stop at 7k.
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