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Originally Posted by chrisv_335EBII View Post
You will not be able to get the $3000 USAA incentive on a BMFS Lease. That incentive only applies if you finance through USAA bank. You will able to get a $1000 USAA incentive if you finance or lease through BMFS.

What is the $1495 regional/destination fee? In the US the destination fee is included in the MSPRP. Leases has a $725 aquisition fee.

Your goal should be invoice + $500 dealer profit. The dealer profit is any markup over base invoice (Documentation Fees, Markup on Aquisition Fee, marked up MF etc)

The current buy rate for a 2013 335 Sedan is .00130.

The price of the CPO vehicle seems high.

The regional/destination fee is what is estimated by USAA. I'm guessing it's assuming that I will be financing. Thank you G8r3Series and chrisv_335EBII for the input. I'll have to talk with my local dealers here and figure out what kind of lease deal I can get. I would prefer not to put any money down - though I may be up for putting in multiple MSDs.

Oh and that CPO was lowered in price again to $36800. I'm not trusting BMW McKenna very much.