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The intakes were a tight squeeze, not optimal placing but it's whatever for me. My clutch already slips a bit when I push the car so I'm not concerned with power. I drive like a granny most of the time.

I dunno why they moved the top some, I wasn't around when they did it. Maybe they were just curious how it worked.

Yea, I'm digging the look so far. I look totally ridiculous driving it around town. I'll have like basketball shorts, blue shirt, magenta visor and shades in a black car with gold rims. It screams, "Welcome to Florida"

Part of the lowering issue is I lose about an inch of gap with the top down in the rear. So it's hard to get it just right. My front lip is already scraped up and I used to get stuck in my Subaru which was not much lower. Tallahassee is pretty hilly.