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So I started having another issue when I start the car. It will rev up to like 1,200rpms and then back down then up, down, up, down. If I rev it, it'll clear itself out (most of the time). I have an OBII code reader that I forgot about so I plugged that in and these were the resulting codes:

P0151 - o2 circuit low voltage bank 2, sensor 1
P2415 - o2 sensor exhaust sample error bank 2 sensor 1
P2197 - o2 sensor signal stuck lean bank 2 sensor 1
P0306 - cylinder 6 misfire detected
*P0174 - system too lean bank2
*P2629 - o2 sensor pumping current trim circuit/open bank 2 sensor 1
*P166F - No info given on this one
P2415 - O2

I cleared all the codes, drove around, plugged the reader back in and the ones with the * were the only ones that came back up. Possible issues?