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so i installed it about a month ago now, the install seemed to go without a problem; car started right up and no long cranks.

but last week on an open highway i did a WOT pull, and wtf my car went into a reduced power mode and check engine light, pulled to the side turned her off and back on and everything seemed fine, but just wondering if anyone ever experienced anything like it?
My did similar thats why i got rid of it and got a real tune. when i had jb4 with the newest update i was FBO. I used to do 16-17 psi all day until some days when i flood it and it went past 90-100 mph it reduced the boost down to 10psi. half tank is half psi. not sure if you have that on but it reduce the boost to protect the tranny.. not sure what tranny you have but i got DCT. I'm running on Cobb stage 2 aggresive+FMIC and its way better and responsive than jb4.
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