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I love my BMW, but I don't necessarily think that BMW is the end all and be all of cars. It met my needs for what I was looking for this time - RWD, manual transmission, station wagon. Of course, being there are exactly TWO cars on the US market that meet those criteria it was not that much of a decision! But fundamentally the e91 hits a lot of buttons for me - it is very much driver focused, the interior has enough modern conveniences without looking like Tokyo by night, and IMHO the price is quite reasonable for the build quality and engineering on offer.

That said, given that I have discovered I like having a big fat SUV as a second car, next time I think that I may well buy a coupe. Still don't see anything out there that interest me more than the 3-series (soon to be 4-series) though. You can't get a MB with a stick, I don't have any use for AWD in a car, and I have yet to see a Japanese interior I wanted to spend more than 15 minutes in.
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