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Audi reference understood!....I thought there was maybe more some kind of SCCA rivalry...

I have found a way, in theory, anyway, to make my tonneau cover...I will be channeling a pickup truck tonneau.....they come with pistons, braces and are the exact design, that Im looking for. good solid cover, weather tight (or resistant.....), hinged and lockable.

C-list has come up with several "pre-owned" "in great shape"(except for the huge gash near the lock), and "very clean" units for under 100.00!...I bet I cant buy the fiberglass for that! I need the structural design built for me.....I dont mind modifying the top, but building from scratch scares me!

I think if I add the proper structure to the sections and glass it all in from underneath, Ill be fine. I also want to see if I can add a roof rack to the tonneau for the bikes!

I may make a receiver hitch for the trailer so I can use the bike rack I have now.....

Spoke with the donor cars owner today...we are scheduled to meet sometime in the next 2 weeks!...Im pretty stoked.