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Nice thread.

I got an E92 and a co-worker got an E90, both 328s, in June-July 2011. I'd moved from an 08 accord v6 coupe and he from an 05 e46 325.

Initial impressions: The very first test drive was enough to get me to bite the bait but my co-worker didn't appreciate the direction taken by BMW with the E90. The sports suspension in the E92 along with the more than enough damping provided by 45 profile 17" tires provide a ride and handling combo I have yet to experience in any other car. The biggest gripe about the E90 was the wallowy ride and ugly arse standard steering wheel.

1-1/2 years in: I'm definitely not a fan for life but would consider a sportier BMW when my lease is up in 2014. The key deciding factor will be the hit on my pocket for a configuration I get to put together v/s the off-the-lot lease option I took for the current coupe. The purist feel may be gone for my co-worker but he has already suggested that he can't (in his mind only) downgrade to any other brand/model.