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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
I already went to Perry and spoke to Carl for like 20-30 mins. Seats. Pads. Camber. Tried the 2 seats i thought would be best. The OMP WRC XL and the Cobra Suzuka GT. I have to say that the OMP is more comfy, but the Cobra hug more and has WAAAAYYYY more shoulder support. So I decided on that.

As for camber, should I not change both back and front? I know fronts are maxed at -1.4 for me. Unsure of what my rears are. What is the install time like? I just dont want to kill myself moneywise. Seat is 850 but add tax, brackets, install, coding etc. then the camber is 500. Add duty and shipping and install. Youre almost at 2500 for both...

Anyways. Wanna maximize track time too.
Funny. I liked the OMP seat better too. It was also cheaper, but I liked how the Suzuka hugged better.

Adding more camber in the rear isnt needed. It's the front that will need it. -2* to -3* if can get it. Rears will stay at stock settings.

Seat needs the rails (slider if you go all out) and someone to install. The camber plates needs install and is pretty easy to do. Mr Seb can help you out or your local preferred shop.

Camber will help with more even wear on the track. So technically, the camber kit has better bang for the buck, saving on tires. Having a square setup also helps in being able to rotate tires from any corner.

The seat is a comfort thing. But from your videos ... Looks like that might be the priority. Have you tried a CG Lock (I have one for sale .... ) which I found useful.
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