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Perspective 335i Owner - Burger Tuning Build

Hey guys,

My name is Blake, I'm relatively new to the BMW world, but no stranger to the modification world. I currently have two 600+ HP diesels (and have built a few in the past), but I am selling one and grabbing a 335i. I have been looking at the '07-'10 335i Sedans with the 6AT and paddle shifters. Haven't found one I love... yet. And here is where the questions begin:

What're the differences between the '07-'08 335i's and the '09-'10 335is? I notice the slight difference in body styling.

Secondly, how reliable are these cars when modified?

How well do the automatic transmissions hold up?

I plan on doing a small build. Looking at going with downpipes, full exhaust, JB4, dual cone intake, oil catch can, chargepipe with BOV, intercooler, possibly water/meth, possibly an oil cooler, rims and tires (still undecided on which ones), etc. Anything else I should add for reliability or performance? I plan on running just the JB4 to being with, run a few WOT runs to ensure there are not any weak links before voiding my warranty. I will be running this thing down the track a few times, but will also be my DD, so reliability is a must. I want it to be built right. I will also be changing all filters and fluids in the car after purchasing it with OEM synthetic fluids and OEM filters (oil, fuel, transmission, coolant, differential, etc.). I also planned on ordering all the parts from Burger Tuning, just to simplify things. Honestly, I've got around a $4,000-$5,000 budget for mods. These things are relatively cheap and easy to mod, compared to my diesels, where just a tuner, intake, and exhaust can set me back over $2,750.

Any suggestions, comments, or help will be greatly appreciated! I'm sure I will have a few questions eventually.

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