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[Really good lease/pcp deals ?]

I'm in the market for a bargain, I need to change my car at some point this year and have a few ideas on what I would like. However I'm also partial to a decent deal, we all know that the various manufactures at various times have excess stock, model changes, numbers to hit etc this usually means that a car that might not usually even be affordable, suddenly becomes affordable.

These deals are typically lease or PCP, sometimes advertised without vat (or business use), every so often really good deals become available but often they may only last for a few weeks. Searching google is futile as you just end up on leasing/pcp web sites. I know some members of the forum get emailed the latest deals, if you have anything to contribute please add below, i'll try and keep the 1st post up to date (until I get bored ;-))

I was hoping that if anyone is aware of a decent deal (examples below) they could post them with details of the payment profile, a link and whether the price is VAT or ex-vat ?

There have recently been some good deals on the 640d, Boxster etc that were very short lived.

Lease and PCP Current deals as of 11/01/13

LEASE M3 Frozen Edition DCT+/EDC 6+36 8k = 472 inc vat

LEASE M5 6+35 10k = 689.99 inc vat

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