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For Sale my front 19" 230 style Twisted alloy & Conti tyre

Not buckled or cracked and runs true.

Has kerbing in one way shape or form and therefore would benefit from a refurb

Tyre has sidewall damage
It is a continental sport contact 3 with 2000 motorway miles 6-7mm tread ( yes gutted .. damage only happened by coming into contact with a high kerb while reversing at 2mph , but it was enough to peel a 30 cm length section of sidewall off!) Tyre took most of the damage but it did mark the alloy , no chunks out of alloy .

It's useable as a spare as is ( Still holds pressure and isn't bulged )

Size 8x19 ET 37

130 delivered ( as it has tyre and is therefore bulky), Paypal Gift or 100 cash on collection from Chorley Area

Photos of front and back of wheel to show that there are no cracks

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