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Originally Posted by Tonkatruck View Post
On Tuesday, Car had the yellow engine hot light followed by red. Pulled over let it cool down. Drove to work, no issues after stopping, ran some errands no issues. On the way home it did the same thing, pulled over let it cool down. Got it in the garage no leaking coolant, reservoir is full.

I replaced the battery a week ago and never registered it, the engine fan has been running high intermittently for the last two days.

If it's the water pump why would it be fine all day. Is it the thermostat having issues, or is it some voltage issue because the battery hasn't been registered, and the water pump is electric?

I drove it tonight, weird issues?.?.?.

If the engine is warm and I start the car and immediately turn on the heater, car acts normal. If I start the car and the heater is off, the auxiliary fan runs full blast as I drive or idle and it limits the power (but it doesn't tell me it's limiting the power), if the auxiliary fan is on and I turn on the heater, I get no heat.

The car never warned me it was ever getting hot. It blows extremely hot when the heater is on.


I am baffled by this.

Where is the best price for a water pump and thermostat?
The water pump can act up intermittently and shut down (causing th eoverheat condition then cool off and act normal. I doubt not registering the battery has anything to do with the overheating issue. All the battery registration does is reprogram the charging system to control the charging rate for a new battery.

Get the car scanned and look for the codes that indicate the pump has been failing.