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Originally Posted by BGM View Post
but what if it never arrives :O
Short of a bad accident happening to me this afternoon or on the way to collect it, it will arrive tomorrow. They moneys in the bonk, the finance all sorted...heck, Icould even pick it up this afternoon if I wasn't at work

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
So how long are we giving this one Pete?? I think it could be a short love affair...
Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
I've given him 9 months max Roger, we agreed a small wager on it
Originally Posted by scottc View Post
I am going with 6 months
I am disgusted at the lack of fairht you all have in me.

And Peter....just for the record, the onyl wager was that if I get rid of it in 2013, you would pay 20 to charity

You'll seem like a right tight git when you try and get out of that but it's defintiely your turn. In anticipation of me winning, I vote for Alzheimers Society please

Originally Posted by sufchenko View Post
Wow, I think I completed reading about your Jaguar affair just the other week.
Congrats on the SLS; is a stunning car. But where does this ladder end?

My neighbour has progressed through the cars in an unsimilar fashion (M3 > 911 > Ferrari 360 > Gallardo). I try to guess his next move but he tells me his pinnacle would be something like an E-type.

Enjoy it
Mine has been less linear than your friends.....I tend to go up, down, left, right - I'd say I'm will shortly be at my pinnacle with the Merc.

For instance, after my last C63 I thought I hit the top when I got a 997.2 Turbo. Then what I thought a sideways step (it ended up being so backwards I needed reverse lights on the back of my head) when I got the Maserati. Followed by a percieved backwards step back into an M3, then a Jaguar XFR then up to the semi-big time again with the XKR/R-S. Residually, lets just say I have either been very clever.....or lucky

Originally Posted by Dannyrado View Post
Andrew, you are nuts, you have a serious problem with motors.

I'm gutted now because offered about a grand more than the others when i recently sold the Mrs citroen. I didn't trust them one bit, mostly because of the 4 day mullarky, and having to leave them the keys, the car, and the V5, walking away with jack crap.... Alas, I didn't accept it. I have to say you've got some balls. I'm glad it worked out for you.

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
I would be a bit nervous leaving all my assets and waiting 4 days for the cash, however they are a large well known company who SHOULD be ok but any car chain can come under pressure and you just don't want to get caught at the wrong time.
You could probably argue ownership of the car with an Administrator but generally nothing can move until ownership of all assets is determined which would take a long time with 1000s of cars.
I get why people would be nervous but if such a well known brand didn't pay, it would be documented everywhere. I think I did my due diligence and in reality I wasn't nervous at all.

Obviously there is the risk that their business model is on the brink and I could have been one of the first who suffered big problems but I guess I was prepared to take the risk for another 3k's worth of cash! Was well worth it and after this experience I would do it again....but it does vary by car as they were only average with their offer on my RRS.

The 4 day payment delay was very thoroughly explained to me.

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Picking up the SLS in the forecasted snow should be fun

Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
Simple - open the doors, turn it upside down, et viola, ski's Not even James Bond thought of that.
You people!! You won't dampen my mood today. No, not one bit
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