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Question to Italians!

Hi! I have a question regarding to fellow Italian BMW fans about cars service intervals in your country. I'm considering to buy a car which has history in Italy - service intervals seem high. In my country with bad winters we are changing oil every 30000km, may be 35000. But I see in one car interval of 40000 and 50000!

Some background info first:
The car in question is X3 E83, 2008 production (Jan). It has been serviced by dealer at intervals of 40000km (2010) and 89000km (last one with Inspection 1 2011). Car still has Italy's 4 year warranty that expires in end of March.

My questions are:
- is that a scary service interval? How much would you typically go without changing oils in your climate and in more or less same weather conditions?

1) if car has warranty (4 years or 150000km) , would it not lose the warranty if the milage interval was too high and if warranty is still present can I deduce that milage interval is actually OK by computer standards?

2) if car is on warranty, would it be void if car is registered in another country already (within EU) or I could still pop down to Italy for my pre-warranty service before it expires?

3) Italian cars where I am have bit of a bad rep for lying odometer readings, and so on. Wonder what you guys think on that too.. is it really that bad in Italy?

Car is from Parma, with full service history there. Sold by leasing company in Brescia.

Appreciate all your replies. I have it checked on Monday but have to think this over the weekend. High interval scares me a bit, but because it still has valid Italian warranty and is offered at good price, I'm considering it. It's well equipped 3l diesel engined, ugly small SUV that's perefect for our weather.
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