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Originally Posted by Aducille View Post
I have a 2011 335d, acquired new in May 2011. I've always driven it carefully and responsibly, followed all service requirements, and have NEVER abused it. Since new, I've been back to the selling dealership with issues with the trunk not closing in cold weather, and intermittent episodes of the navigation system not defaulting to the last used screen, upon vehicle start up. I've allowed myself to mostly overlook these issues, in light of the fact that I get incredible fuel economy and otherwise enjoy(ed) the car.

Last week (1-3-2013), at 56k miles, I was on Interstate 95 North, when the "Engine Malfunction / Reduced Power" light came on & the car slowed to almost a crawl. I safely got it to a BMW center (BMW Gallery - Norwood, MA), which then diagnosed as follows:
"You have a bad injector - it's a $1,200.00 job. You'll likely also need a new cylinder head, which is a $10,000.00 job. However, we won't know for sure about the cylinder head until after we replace the injector & see what happens."
Of course, my new car warranty expired at 50k miles. Needless to say I was nothing short of ENRAGED, given that I'm still paying for the car & had been planning to keep it for a few years & crank on 200k+ miles (thinking diesels 'run forever').
BMW did cover the replacement of the (cylinder #3) injector via the Emissions Warranty, and the car seems to be running ok for now. However, I feel like I'm driving around in a ticking time bomb, not knowing if/when I'm going to have this issue again, and have to replace the cylinder head, etc.
On Wednesday 1-9-2013, I spoke with a BMW North America "Resolution Specialist" by the name of Rachel. I explained the history, and my concerns. I explained that I'm now afraid to drive this car, and don't plan to keep it. I stated that BMW can potentially keep me as a customer if they put me in a comparably equipped gasoline-powered 3xx at the same payment, or agree to an early termination of my finance contract & I return the vehicle, with no further financial obligation on my part. Rachel stated that BMW will not consider putting me in another vehicle, or consent to early contract termination. Further, she stated "If the cylinder head malfunctions in your vehicle, it will default to 'Customer Pay', as your vehicle is out of warranty." Thanks alot, BMW. This is what I get for investing in what I thought was a quality product and quality customer experience!
So, I ask you this. Would YOU purchase a late model 335d if the Carfax report showed an engine rebuild between 50-70k miles? I know I wouldn't! Seems that BMW wants me to be "stuck" with several more years of payments, along with the potential for a $10k+ repair bill which could pop up at any moment. #FAIL #BMWUNRELIABLE #SHOULDASTUCKWITHAMERICAN #NEVERAGAIN
So to be clear,,, because your car at 56k miles had a bad injector requiring repalcement, which was subsenquently taken care of under warranty and that under the off-chance your car "might" need a cylinder head replacement during your ownership period, you expect BMW to essentially buy-back your car or give you another car??? And because you chose not to buy an extended warranty and because BMW told you they were not going to release you from your loan agreement or give you another car that somehow equates to a "FAIL" on their part? Sorry, but I don't think so...

BTW, my car experienced the trunk closure issue during cold weather. It was not the trunk, it was a computer glitch which was subsequently fixed with a reprgoraming of the DME - all taken care of under warranty.

PS: All direct injection engines experience carbon build-up to include the gasoline powered 335i. So in other words, fleeing to the gasoline power equivalent would not have solved that "potential" problem for you. But then again,,, that's why God invented walnut blasters.

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