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Had the 453 on my 335i 18" rears. They were comfortable and quiet compared to the Bridgestone RFT RA05. Can't say much about how long they lasted, only had them for 2000 miles before I sold the car.

Performance, they worked so well even though it was icy/snowy 1C when I got them, gave a boot full and the Traction Control barely cut at all. So surprised the amount of grip it had in those situations! Aquaplaning was good too. And they were cheap.

I like the look of the tire as well, has a nice bulge on the side wall compared to the Bridgestone which curved inwards, makes it look chunkier.

Note, did have a strange minor wobble vibration feel at 70-80 but I don't know if it's the tyre or wheel balance or something else. Never found out what it was.