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Originally Posted by Revision2 View Post
I agree that personal requirements do dictate why people pick one brand over another and it is definitely a very good all round vehicle (one reason why I gave it a try). It's obvious most of us on here got BMWs for the reputation of good driving cars but I guess my point is that being in the premium segment of the market, where margins are typically higher, you'd think that perhaps they can afford to allocate just a bit more funds to the interior / reliability aspects to give buyers a slightly better sense of value and justification for the premium. Yes, probably a bit naive in thinking but it seems like their German competitors are starting to do just that, allocating funds to where they were a bit lacking to vault them ahead (especially Audi).

Yes, I agree, it is supposed to be a driver's car but my point about the interior is that they sell in the luxury market and with that people generally expect a bit more from it to justify the premium and make them feel like they own something special. Not saying my e90's interior is bad, just doesn't give the same sense of premium compared to some competitors. There are plenty of non-luxury options out there that are generally accepted as driver's cars as well but people get BMWs because they want a bit of luxury with it.

Amen to that! I got mine because I like cars and wanted to see why people love driving BMWs now that I could afford one. I hate the look / tone that I get sometimes when people ask me what I drive. It's like I'm automatically a snob who thinks I'm better than everyone else.

That's kind of the point I was trying to make by saying that perhaps they might be depending too much on their reputation for great driving cars and brand appeal to sell cars. My friends were shocked to find that the alarm system wasn't standard when more economical cars even have that as standard. They may have been able to get away with that in the past but based on recent news and reviews about competing products it seems that the gap is closing quickly and hopefully they don't rest on their laurels like other big market leaders have done in other industries just to have the competition make them obsolete.
This is pretty amazing. Not as many rabbid Fanboys as expected. Refreshing to read so many varying comments.