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Originally Posted by CUTigers View Post
N54 isn't only 07-08, it is 2007-2010 YM.
And Blake, I would make sure you get one with sport and oil cooler.
Is the oil cooler a factory option?

Originally Posted by themyst View Post
Funny, my 09 has a N54.

OP, if you're getting a JB4, spend the extra coin and buy a cobb AP as well. Especially if you're getting an auto and if you have intentions of running E85.
Can anyone confirm if all '09's have the N54? That's the engine in wanting. The Cobb is definitely on my list, I may wait on that, though.

Originally Posted by pits200 View Post
Get an 09, stay away from the 07 and 08s. They fixed a few problems in 09 like injectors, vanos, sepentine belt hit, bigger wastegate actuator, new body style on e90, and I can't remember what else.
Any updates to the HPFP? I've heard these cars can have some issues with injectors and the HPFP when first tuned.

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