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Originally Posted by marlie View Post
Thanks Chris, still can't make my mind up on a car.

What's everyone's views on buying new/used? People keep telling me its better to buy new because of the current finance offers on new cars.
Generally yes, new = best finance deals however when I bought my A7, because of the age and the miles and because we were trying to do a deal, Audi are able to do low rates on Ex Demonstrators as well as new so even though my car wasn't brand new, I was able to get the same APR as if I were buying a new Audi which on a car that had depreciated as much as mine did in the first few months made it a no brainer and suddenly VERY affordable with the monthly payment on my A7 being pretty much the same as I was paying before on my C Class on the same terms.

So there are deals to be had (and a couple of really nice spec A7s sitting on the forecourt of my local Audi dealer that have been there for a few months now )


If you fancy something REALLY special, take an S7 for a test drive

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